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Tired of storing records that you never listen to?

Wanted recs

I operate flea market record stores in Kentucky & Indiana sooo……  I buy a couple hundred to several thousand LPs every month! Specifically, all types of rock, pop & jazz  albums.

I specialize in hard rock, classic rock, alternative & heavy metal. Not only do I pay more than than the local book stores, I’ll buy the whole collection (and perhaps your turntable & other vintage audio components as well).

Comparatively, not only will they pay you less,  the book store locations want to ‘pick & choose’ a few of the best titles making the rest of your collection worth less.

For a no obligation quote on what I would pay for your collection, call (or text) Patrick Holl at Evansville Party Master at 812 455 3669 or email me at partytimebigfun@ hotmail.com


No need to sell em all!

Musical tastes can change over the years. Many people choose to ‘thin out’ their collections by separating the albums that have fallen out of personal favor and are no longer played. Call today & get cash tomorrow!

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