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About us

Recordgroove.net was created as the expressive (& sometimes twisted) sounding board for the Record Dog Music Store. Selling record albums, rock art, CDs, DVDs, T-shirts & other music related merchandise & vintage stereo gear. Specializing in classic & hard rock vinyl, Record Dog travels to major record shows all across the mid-west just to bring ‘it on back’ to you.

It is located in Apple Center in the Traderbaker Store on Hyw 62. What Record Dog lacks in size, it makes up for in an uniquely innovative mix of vintage rock oriented vinyl most priced from $3 to $10.

LP enthusiasts know that you usually have to look through a ton of  ‘scratched up crap’ to find a record or 2 that’s worth owning. Not at Record Dog! Good clean stock, great selection & wonderfully diverse music all waiting for you in Newburgh!

trd bkr map



IMG_20140212_145200_447IMG_20140215_121829_495cool cat


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